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EDGENETIC CloudFast is a Public Cloud Direct Connect / DCI-Data Centre interconnect service and is based on the backbone which is connected by 300 nodes in China and 500 nodes worldwide.
Our Global and China nodes network resource pool is built with the interconnection with Global and China well known Public Cloud and DCI provider platforms.
Provide stable and high quality network connection services to enterprises that had demand for Greater China and worldwide cloud access.




South Korea



Hong Kong





High Security

Multi encapsulation, protection and isolation of the private networks to ensure the independent of the network and is not affected by other, to effectively prevent data being monitored and stolen.

High Stability

It is based on quality global backbone network, leading to a smooth response to high concurrent access and providing stable network services for users.

Dedicated Network Connection

Based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network covering worldwide dedicated network resources and provides multi-scenario dedicated line interconnection.

High Reliability

The guarantee comprehensive usability not less than 99.9% , through the combination of advanced network technology.

High Quality Network

Low latency, high redundancy, multi routing and high quality network processing capabilities.

Flexible Deployment

Users can quickly deploy and deliver, save construction cost and time for completion based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network internal resources interconnection.

High Performance Building Connectivity Faster

EDGENETIC CloudFast allows you to speed up your mission- critical setup which simplify the process of deploying connections for your business. Quickly get connected without traditional deployment hassles. Get connected to your network anytime at your fingertips and move on to your next tasks.

Great Coverage & Solutions Brings Global Connectivity Together

Get connected to Mainland China and International Clouds as well as data centers around the globe where we had presence. Custom-made solutions for your business needs for a farther and complete connectivity. Reach the cloud from wherever you are and transport your data between any locations in Mainland China and Worldwide easily.

Agility & Flexibility Connectivity with One Click Ahead

Order and connect to cloud services, managed services, and between data centers instantly with just one click ahead. Make connections flexible for when your business activities grows and changes as time being. Get to monitor and manipulate your bandwidth from time to time according to your needs.

Agility & Flexibility Connectivity with One Click Ahead

Enterprise to Public Cloud

Data Center to Public Cloud

Public Cloud to Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Through DCI, ECI and other network connecting services, Interconnection of the global public cloud based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network, help enterprises quickly to achieve the required hybrid cloud solutions including multi-location management, such as Public Cloud + Physical Servers, Public Cloud + Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud to Internet Data Center and etc.


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