We are pleased to announce that we are ready to expand our presence even more around the world by establishing a branch in California. The new office, GOIP Globalnet Solutions LLC will be located in 11100 Valley Blvd, #200, El Monte, CA 91731, United States. The new office will allow us to extend our services and solutions to more customers in the United States.

Now, the company is ready to penetrate the markets in the United States.

As one of the leading leaders in ICT and Network managed service providers, expanding our markets and PoP to more regions will let us elevate our business opportunity, especially in the United States. The United States has always been one of the top regions for IT development and business. For forward-thinking enterprises, the growth of digital economies across the United States has opened up previously unimaginable prospects, which GOIP is always ready to grab the opportunity.

In addition, IoT and SD-WAN innovations have become realistically necessary infrastructures for telcos and many sectors surrounding them to function correctly as a result of the pandemic, especially in the States. Businesses are evolving and need to be online even more than before. Hence, the newly opened office specialises in global networking. GOIP owns licences such as FCC 214, GOIP US ASN399823 , BGP to US upstream carrier and CN2 routing with presence in Core Site 2 and Equinix SV1 are established to provide services and solutions for our customers in the United States. 


Any communication network that covers the entire planet is referred to as a global network. With coverage around the United States now, GOIP will be able to better serve our customers in the country by providing them with flexible and affordable business solutions. Besides that, we have more than 100 Points of Presence (PoP) in the United States and Network-to-network Interconnection (NNI) that can provide the last miles of different telco and cloud providers in US. Our connection connects your business from the United States to Japan, bridging the gaps between Asia, Mainland China, and Europe. 

As a telecommunications company with global network coverage, GOIP offers various ICT services that can help enterprises and carriers to expand their offerings. Services such as data center services, virtual hosting (VPS) in US, MPLS, IEPL, IP transit, DIA, MVNO (one sim that contains two numbers (US & China mobile number), Network managed services, and plenty more provide businesses with a strong digital foundation to grow their business online and offline.

GOIP hope to be able to expand our market reach and have more footprints around the globe with this establishment.

For more information, send your enquiries to info@goipglobatnet.com.

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