Oslo, Norway – November 29 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that GoIP, a leading ICT and managed service provider in the APAC region, has selected Smartoptics for increased DWDM cost efficiency. The Smartoptics solution helped GoIP cut costs and decrease pricing to its customers by 40%. GoIP will also act as a distributor and support partner for Smartoptics products across a number of Asian markets.

GoIP is based out of Singapore, a major global undersea cable hub. The ICT and managed service provider also has a strong presence across the region in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. GoIP provides last-mile DCI to major fiber operators while also serving customers including telcos, ISPs and internet content providers. By deploying the Smartoptics DCP-404 muxponder, GoIP was able to reduce its pricing to customers by 40%.

“Smartoptics gave us strategic advice on how to make our DWDM network more efficient by utilizing the DCP-404 and we are thoroughly impressed with the results, as are our customers. The 40% price cut really makes us stand out from the competition and we are proud and happy to share with our customers exactly how we did it – with Smartoptics. We see great potential for Smartoptics products in the APAC region and are pleased to expand our collaboration as a regional distributor of Smartoptics. From now on, Smartoptics will be our first choice and we are confident that both customers and competitors will be eager to follow our shining example,” says Gary Chow, SVP, Global Business GoIP.

The DCP-404 muxponder was deployed first at GoIP’s Singapore network. GoIP also plans to use the 404 in Hong Kong and will add further Smartoptics products across its networks. The DCP 404 is designed to improve cost efficiency in many ways that contributed to the 40% cost decrease.

“The DCP-404 increases fiber utilization with the capability to use four times 100G over a 400G line. This enables an exponential increase in capacity per wavelength. Going hand in hand with this, the muxponder is designed with industry leading low-power consumption. The DCP-404 is proving to be a real difference maker with unmatched cost efficiency, also having a significant positive effect on environmental sustainability. We are pleased to see GoIP as a strong business case for the value that our products can deliver to the APAC region. We look forward to more great future collaboration with them as a distributor in Asia,” says Kent Lidström, CTO Smartoptics.

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