We would like to announce that GOIP Group will officially relocate our headquarters to Singapore on 26 April 2022 where the headquarters will be known as GOIP Business Solution Pte Ltd. The headquarters will be located at 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #22-81 The Central, 059818, Singapore. The headquarters is scheduled to have a “Meet & Greet” session on 1st May 2022 in order to reach, to exchange, and to share new ideas with new people. The Singapore headquarters will also be managing branches in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the United States. 

As one of the leading leaders in ICT and managed service providers, expanding our markets and PoP to more regions will let us elevate our business opportunity, especially in APAC regions. APAC regions refers to East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and even countries like Russia. By most economic indicators, Asia Pacific offers the greatest economic potential in the coming decades. The rise of digital economies across Asia Pacific has created unprecedented opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. 

The headquarters, GOIP Business Solution Pte Ltd., will offer a variety of innovative, professional, and reliable telecommunication and licensed services and solutions to our local and global customers. We offer global connectivity (VPN, Managed SD-WAN Solutions), Cloud solutions, IDC services, and Managed Services (IT Support & Outsourcing) and infrastructure and strive to deliver client’s mission-critical applications at high quality-of-service (QoS) levels. In addition, we have a global presence with various qualifications and licences such as SBO licences in Hong Kong and Singapore, ASP licences in Malaysia, a series of Value-Added Telecommunication Business Operation Licences in China and more. Our services comply with ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO. Our high-performance traffic-management capabilities are guaranteed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) too, allowing reliable content hosting and protection from traffic surges during peak traffic hours and changes in Internet performance.

Furthermore, GOIP and the team are looking forward to further enhancing and expertise our expansion towards Vietnam by the late quarters of 2022 in order to establish a presence in Vietnam. Extending our connectivity business’s presence across Vietnam not only helps us to reach new markets, but to grow revenue, and boost profits as well.

GOIP Group aims to have a strong presence in Asia while providing stable and high-quality services and solutions to our customers, anywhere, anytime. By relocating our headquarters to Singapore, we can establish a firmer ground for our Asia presence and expand our business reach.

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