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Managed SD-WAN

EDGENETIC Intelligent Smart-Wan (Thereafter referred to as “ EDGENETIC i-Wan”) is an SD-Wan service and solution offered by GOIP. GOIP extended our SD-WAN services to another level calling for a fully Managed SD-Wan Solution. As innovation outburst, a complication is one of the primary factors that limit the adoption of any new technology or way to adopt the technology.

Thus, over the last two years, SD-WANs has been a topic of discussion in networking industry. Since then, SD-WAN solutions have evolved dramatically. However, it is not just the technology that has changed. The way that SD-WANs are planned, owned and operated has also matured significantly. Due to the drastic development and increased of complications on implementing and deployment of SD-Wan, IT leaders are increasingly adopting managed SD-WAN services over DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions. That is because a fully managed SD-WAN service makes it easier whilst also minimizing management overhead.

As to the increasing demand for enterprise-level SD-WAN, many businesses are increasingly moving away from acquiring and operating their own SD-WAN equipment, whilst using the managed SD-WAN services. Managed SD-WAN providers like GOIP take on the CAPEX & OPEX burden of SD-WAN equipment and IT department headcounts by deploying SD-WAN on the customer premises as well as delivering one-stop managed SD-WAN service. The ready infrastructure, wide coverage and experience GOIP had had today in Mainland China and Worldwide, making us a ‘Worry Free” and reliable service provider for your business to shift to SD-WAN technology, where we would be able to cover your request and service your business worldwide.

Managed SD-WAN services added value to the SD-WAN solutions through the expertise that enterprises struggle to retain in-house. GOIP team having an ongoing investment on researching the latest SD-WAN technologies for the benefit of our customers throughout these years led us having a deep understanding with the detailed knowledge of how SD-WAN solutions integrate with other vendors and cloud infrastructure providers. Through these, GOIP offer an effective one-stop managed SD-WAN solutions, facilitating the trend and the move from MPLS to SD-Wan for businesses.

Are your business looking for a managed SD-WAN service and solution that not only empowers your IT team to focus on innovation as well as achieving optimum results in their daily task, but also leads the highest quality performance and agility across the network between your businesses worldwide?

GOIP Managed SD-WAN solutions stimulates and fuel SD-WAN revolution with services that goes extra miles.





Fully Managed SD-WAN

24/7 managed onboarding and support, providing worry-free network management and performance.

Scalable & Flexible

Easily upgrade and make changes to your network whenever you need it, without the need for infra changes.


Secure your internet connection with a solution that is easy to deploy across all your sites.

Cost Effective

Enjoy savings by choosing your connectivity and reduce hardware costs, even for remote sites.


Connecting all businesses with our borderless worldwide coverage and presence.

ONE-STOP Managed SD-WAN | Mainland China & Global Coverage

GOIP SD-Wan network covers Mainland China, Asia Pacific Regions and Worldwide. We own protected low latency network for agile network connection. Furthermore, GOIP managed SD-WAN network solution connects through GOIP IEPL backbone other than internet deployment, where it secure the core network with low latency.

Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

Minimizes company’s network-management efforts. We estimate you can reduce your staff costs by up to 60-75% when choosing our fully managed SD-WAN solution.

Reduce and optimize in-house resource. Your local carrier is responsible for end-to-end network management and will assume responsibility for global supplier management for you via GOIP global operations - thereby drastically reducing the tasks of your company’s ICT staff.

Reduce CAPEX. Reduce your effort involved in managing additional hardware units and cut your maintenance and hardware costs.

One-Stop Global Managed Service. All changes to your global network, can be implemented by your local carrier via GOIP within minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks.

Simplified One-Stop Shop Solution for Managed SD-WAN. Compared with a DIY approach, you only have a single contract with a single local partner for an entire global network with GOIP. Hence, GOIP significantly simplifies your contract management and purchasing efforts.

GOIP Managed SD-WAN is Suitable for Your Business If :

You see increasing use in cloud-based applications such as office-collaboration suites, CRMs, and ERPs.
You have a small, lean IT team who don’t have the expertise or capacity to support numerous branches.

What GOIP Managed SD-WAN Services Does :

You see increasing use in cloud-based applications such as office-collaboration suites, CRMs, and ERPs.
You see increasing use in cloud-based applications such as office-collaboration suites, CRMs, and ERPs


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