GOIP is happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to attend a technical training organised by Smart Optics this September that was held in Norway.

Smartoptics provides cost-effective and innovative optical networking solutions and devices for their customers by focusing on solving network challenges and increasing business competitiveness for their customers.

During the training, GOIP is able to pick up useful and sustainable knowledge on optical networking solutions and more.  Besides that, the training provides an opportunity for attendees to design, develop, implement, and maintain a good network relationship between each other.

GOIP is a Singapore-based company, specialised as a managed service provider that is on top of the game, providing SD-WAN, managed SD-WAN, managed services, and plenty more services and solutions for customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Greater China, APAC regions, and worldwide. 

Once again, we are truly grateful to be able to attend the technical training session. We were fascinated as we listened to the captivating and insightful skills and technique of the speaker who had years of experience in the industry.  It allowed us to broaden our horizons in the optic network industry. 

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