SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, is a type of software-defined network (SDN) applied to a geographically dispersed wide area network (WAN). While SDN is for local area network (LAN), SD-WAN is its WAN equivalent. SD-WAN provides network connectivity at a lower cost while optimizing resource usage for multisite deployments. Network administrators can utilize bandwidth more efficiently, increasing performance without compromising data security or privacy.

How can SD-WAN help my business?

Digital transformation is changing the business landscape. Technology has become an essential part of business strategy and branch offices are at the front lines of digitization. Corporations are relying on a whole new generation of web applications and experience immersion technologies to engage customers, increase employee productivity, and generate more revenue. 

Services that are delivered over the internet are growing rapidly, such as video conferencing, video streaming, e-learning, video surveillance, and VDI. These bandwidth-hungry applications significantly increase business WAN expenditures in infrastructure and IT personnel to ensure smooth operation of their increasingly complex network. As such, network administrators are looking for more efficient alternatives to handle their growing network.

Enter SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is an emerging technology that presents more benefits than traditional, router-based WANs. Whether it is cost savings, increased agility, or simplification, network decision makers can achieve them all. With SD-WAN, network administrators have a 360-degree view of all devices, users, and applications from a single control centre. 

An Application-First Solution

The SD-WAN solution is designed to simplify network management by automating the delivery of application-first connectivity on any platform, for all users, from a centralized control centre. It allows the identification of applications and provides ubiquitous visibility of the entire network, eliminating the need for probes or additional hardware. Besides increased performance and network reliability, SD-WAN can also set up pathing based on application priority, accelerate application connection, and improve security between office branches. With a separate control centre from the actual hardware, IT personnel save countless hours travelling to remote offices to apply patches or reconfigure hardware.

Real Life SD-WAN Applications

The increased corporate use of high-bandwidth applications led to an increase in number of corporate investments in SD-WAN.  Corporations aim to gain a competitive edge by adopting SD-WAN to deliver better, personalised experiences to their employees, customers, and business partners.

Some industry examples include, but not limited to:


Retailers are offering enhanced online shopping experiences to their customers with better and more stable connectivity with SD-WAN. Retail branches can provide seamless web content delivery using optimization and cache while keeping expenses low.


Financial institutions are leveraging SD-WAN to speed up launching of new branches and remote offices as well as secure data between multiple sites. As the financial industry’s top priority is security, the visibility that SD-WAN provides enhances security as well as allows companies to manage remote sites effectively.


Educators are delivering course content that is media rich to students with SD-WAN. Students can participate at their own pace, on or off campus, on any device.

“Digital business is changing the way organizations think about technology, moving technology from a supporting player to a leading player
in innovation, revenue and market growth.” – Gartner

To recap, SD-WAN Solution can:

  • Help corporations set the stage for success in an ecosystem of ever-changing technologies.
  • Offer faster and scalable network services and applications.
  • Allow your IT department to focus on developing your business, instead of traveling around to remote sites and overseeing network devices.
  • Control IT expenditures as you only pay for what you need.
  • Integrate SD-WAN into your current IT ecosystem based on open standards and interoperability.
  • Adopt state-of-the-art technology that is as secure as, if not more than, traditional on-premises setups.

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